Somalia PFM Capacity Strengthening

Michael Parry Consulting is part of a joint venture with CIPFA and WYG International to strengthen PFM capacity in Somalia.  The programme involves working with Universities in Somalia to deliver training through web based tools – webinars, electronic documentation, remote queries and discussions.  Tutors within the faculty of each University will be trained to support the training.  Students, all from the public sector, will sit the internationally recognised CIPFA International Public Financial Management (IPFM) examinations, supplemented by additional papers on Somalia PFM issues.  Training will also be provided to senior managers and on improvements to the budget process within Somalia.  The programme is being supported by the World Bank.

Key features of the programme include:

  • Collaboration between the  Federal Government of Somalia, regional governments within Somalia, Universities and international institutions including CIPFA
  • Integration of the internationally recognised CIPFA qualifications with University academic programmes
  • Development of a sustainable PFM training capacity with Somalia Universities
  • Use of a web-based open distance learning programme integrated with tutorial support by the Universities

This programme builds on an earlier and more limited project in Somalia that significant success in delivering accounting training through a web based system and the Universities.  The current programme is more ambitious, specifically focussed on the the public sector and will make enhanced use of web technologies to deliver training in an environment that presents multiple challenges.

In order to be able delver this programme Michael parry Consulting Limited has been joined by Phill Bernier as a Director to provide specialist skills in the area of web design and web based learning.

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 10:12 am  |  News


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