IMCL Limited

Michael Parry was founder and Executive Chairman of International Management Consultants (known as IMCL) until its takeover and absorption into a large consulting company in 2007.

The name IMCL was well known as it had built a reputation for high quality consulting services in the area of public financial management. Some of the experience cited in the case studies took place during this period

In 2013 a new company – IMCL Limited – has been formed as a subsidiary of Michael Parry Consulting.  The objective is to preserve the name of IMCL and also as a point of contact for those familiar with International Management Consultants.

Services can be provided either through  Michael Parry Consulting or through IMCL Limited.  The contact information for IMCL Limited is the same as for Michael Parry Consulting.

IMCL Limited is a company registered in England number 8604780. The registered office is  89 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9DQ, UK