Case study:

Strengthening internal audit and internal control – Moldova 2007 – 2009

Workshop Ministry of Finance, Kishinev

Workshop Ministry of Finance, Kishinev

Moldova has initiated an accession process to the EU and is therefore seeking to establish standards of governance appropriate to this process. The project was part of this process with the objective of upgrading Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC), including internal audit, to EU standards.

A conceptual design was developed and agreed using the participative approach developed in Bosnia Hercegovina (see case study). Working groups were established to agree the approach and then to implement the design. Based on the agreed conceptual design a PIFC institutional structure was developed and adopted by the Government.

Working groups were formed and the new and existing institutions involved in PIFC were supported to move towards achieving international standards for internal audit, financial and management control.  This included developing internal audit standards, procedures, manuals and training.  The basis for sound financial and management control within budget entities was also established, documented and training provided.

This project has provided valuable experience of the challenge and requirements of establishing an effective system of PIFC and of modern internal audit.

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