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PEMPAL meeting

Michael Parry Consulting LLP was established in 2009.  Previously Michael Parry was Executive Chairman of International Management Consultants Ltd (IMCL), a specialist public financial management consulting firm.  A new company, IMCL Ltd is a subsidiary of Michael Parry Consulting LLP. The case studies cited below are drawn from Michael Parry’s own experience in both the above organisations and illustrate the range of services we can provide.

Case Study: national PFM reform – Tajikistan

This case study of an ongoing PFM reform programme in Tajikistan

Case study: Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning (PEMPAL)

PEMPAL is an ongoing initiative to bring together PFM professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Case Study: implementation of IPSAS – Georgia

A model for implementing IPSAS in a phased manner

Case Study: Using a participative approach to technical reform – Implementing a SAI for Bosnia Hercegovina

SAI establishment in BiH using a particpative approach to technical reform

Case study: web based PFM open distance learning – Somalia 

A university based PFM training programme using web based open distance learning

Case Study: Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) – Moldova

Establishing a PIFC as part of EU accession process

Case Study: Acquisition and implementation of FMIS and other PFM reforms – the Maldives

Components of comprehensive PFM reforms

Case Study: Comprehensive PFM reform incuding FMIS acquisition and establishing a sustainable training capacity – Papua New Guinea

A model for sustainable training, acquisition of an FMIS and implementation issues

Case Study: process approach to PFM reform and bespoke FMIS – Nepal

A model for PFM reform including implementing a bespoke FMIS

Case study: development of professional accountancy body – Bangladesh

An older, but still valid, case study of developing a professional body